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Sundays with Peyton now not a pain in the neck

It is fall here in the U.S. and, for many Americans, that time of year brings cooler weather and football. Apologies to our non-U.S. readers, I realize that you have ownership on “real” football, and our version is secular at…


To sleep, perchance to analyze data?

OK, I admit it, I love to sleep! If I need any more reminders that I am getting old – thinning hairline, constant aches and pains, the imminent arrival of reading glasses – the fact that I really enjoy going…


St. Jude in spat over Heart Rhythm paper

“Take it back!” “No, I won’t take it back, you stop bothering me!” “I said . . . take it back!” No, I didn’t hear this exchange at the playground in my neighborhood. Nor did this occur at the customer…