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A refreshing take on the state of the med-tech industry

Here at Medical Device Daily we’ve become accustomed to the doom-and-gloom stories about our industry. The medical device tax provision in the Affordable Care Act and other emerging realities of healthcare reform along with worldwide economic sluggishness, regulatory and reimbursement challenges, consolidation…


J.P. Morgan healthcare meeting augurs trends for 2012 and beyond

Hopefully not lost in all the comings and goings of more than 8,500 people at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco last week were some important take-home messages about the future of med-tech, a future that promises many challenges…


A whole new world

Five years ago this month my byline began appearing on the pages of Medical Device Daily. When I first joined the MDD staff in October 2006 I knew very little about this industry. It was like moving to a new…


A really bad idea: FDA conducting CE research

The question of whether FDA should shoulder the burden of comparative effectiveness research crops up from time to time, but there is more faith in the appropriateness of that notion than I believe is warranted. I only bring this up…