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We wish you a … tax repeal!

Right about this time last week, somewhere between the third slice of pumpkin pie and a turkey-induced coma, my mind drifted over some of the stories Medical Device Daily has covered in 2014 and all the things the med-tech industry…


Enough stinky greens, med-tech wants dessert!

Change is what the American public was promised (or some might say threatened with) during the 2008 presidential election and for better or worse, the healthcare industry worldwide has been served an extra large helping of that change over the…


A refreshing take on the state of the med-tech industry

Here at Medical Device Daily we’ve become accustomed to the doom-and-gloom stories about our industry. The medical device tax provision in the Affordable Care Act and other emerging realities of healthcare reform along with worldwide economic sluggishness, regulatory and reimbursement challenges, consolidation…


Device taxes, fiscal cliffs, and the Petraeus-Benghazi imbroglio

New York may be the town that never sleeps, but Washington is the town that never fails to amaze. We currently have a sex scandal seeming to rival the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky detonation, but the current scandal has more in…


Three things I don’t understand about the device tax

Some things in life are obvious, such as what Vice President Joe Biden is thinking. Other things? Not so much. Here are three things I don’t understand about the medical device tax. One: Why make it a tax on revenues?…