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A whole new world

Five years ago this month my byline began appearing on the pages of Medical Device Daily. When I first joined the MDD staff in October 2006 I knew very little about this industry. It was like moving to a new…


Patent reform in search of respect

We who scribble for a living find it easy to go off on those who do not, and today’s bulls-eye is on the patent reform bill recently signed into law, the America Invents Act of 2011. One of the interesting…


Top Five Things to Watch for in 2011

In the world of diagnostic and therapeutic devices, 2011 has already been a busy year, but a third of the year remains. There are still numerous developments that will trigger cheer and jeers, depending on where you sit. This is…


Patent reform: All aboard, the train has left the station

The U.S. House of Representatives is expecting a vote this week on its patent reform bill, but unlike passage of the Senate bill, the House bill has to deal with a potentially crippling conflict. This conflict was set up by…


Quoth the [Patent Reform] Maven; Nevermore?

(For those who wonder whether Congress will ever pass a patent reform bill, we offer the following with a tip o’ the hat to Edgar Allan Poe….) Once upon a mid-day dreary, While I pondered dazed and bleary, O’er forgotten…


First-to-file vs. first-to-invent: Which patent system would be better for the U.S.?

Patent reform legislation has been in the news quite a bit the past few weeks in the U.S., with both chambers of Congress working on legislation that could affect the way patents are currently registered. The U.S. patent system is…