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Is the idea of memory transfer too sci-fi for sci-fi?

It’s truly a futuristic world we live in with technology that not so long ago was only seen in science fiction. Last year, as part of a three-part series Medical Device Daily published, I explored 3-D printing and the potential…


Three stories for August 2012

Sometimes news comes in bunches. That’s not typically the case in the month of August, which is ordinarily a pretty quiet month. Not this year, though. Here are three stories that stick out, in one case like a sore thumb….


On the Short Regulatory Horizon

  As the saying goes, there are things we know we don’t know, but here are three things we do know, namely guidances that will affect device makers. One of these might have the effect of making some clinical trials…


The runaway train: Conventional thinking about NIH funding

In this blog, we’ve explored the issue of NIH funding twice. The first time, we examined the reported fiscal spending numbers (here) and the second time, we examined funding by program areas (here), but now we have the budget/deficit ceiling…


NIH spending: Time for a closer look at how our government prioritizes spending at NIH and whether the default priorities really make sense

Politics, economics, and NIH spending priorities By MARK McCARTY Medical Device Daily Washington Editor Government that makes sense. It’s what we all dream of, but when it comes to spending priorities at the U.S. National Institutes of Health, we might…