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Loose the clown posse; Uncle Sam has cancer fever

You have to hand it to the cancer lobby. It really has the U.S. federal government wrapped around its little finger. Some will say I’m overstating the case, but is that really a solid argument? Let’s examine the evidence. Mortality,…


Is the idea of memory transfer too sci-fi for sci-fi?

It’s truly a futuristic world we live in with technology that not so long ago was only seen in science fiction. Last year, as part of a three-part series Medical Device Daily published, I explored 3-D printing and the potential…


Statistical tinkering in device regulation a disservice to patients

Despite the regulatory approval of new antiepileptic drugs (AED) over the past decade and the expansion of indications deemed suitable for epilepsy surgery, individuals with intractable seizures – roughly one in three epilepsy patients – still face a dearth of…


FDA misconduct not deemed newsworthy

By Kelly Roman, Vice President of Fisher Wallace Labs On February 10, 2012, the FDA convened an advisory panel hearing on whether to reclassify cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) devices. Despite being a low-risk device, CES has lingered in Class 3…


Congress doffs the hat to Alzheimer’s, but where’s the money?

Washington is such a fun town, replete as it is with smoke and mirrors. It appears that despite my earlier protests about the mixed-up priorities where NIH spending are concerned, our elected officials are aware of the coming deluge of…


NIH spending: Time for a closer look at how our government prioritizes spending at NIH and whether the default priorities really make sense

Politics, economics, and NIH spending priorities By MARK McCARTY Medical Device Daily Washington Editor Government that makes sense. It’s what we all dream of, but when it comes to spending priorities at the U.S. National Institutes of Health, we might…