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SpinalCyte solution could shape biologics future

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Pete O’Heeron, CEO of a private company called SpinalCyte, a company developing an application to treat degenerative disc disease using cells derived from human skin for the Nov. 9th edition of Medical Device…


Med-tech innovation is dead, long live med-tech innovation

We have been hearing a lot about the death of innovation in the field of medical technology for the past few years, a victim; it would appear, of a sluggish worldwide economy and more stringent regulation and reimbursement policies. However,…


O Canada Eh!

As most of the U.S. population prepares for the rapidly-approaching Thanksgiving holiday, I will be visiting our neighbor to the north, feasting my eyes on all that Ontario has to offer in the way of advanced medical devices. Medical Device…


Be honest, be open, and be upfront about devices

A couple of weeks ago I interviewed PixelOptics‘ president/CEO Ron Blum, about a technology called emPower, a device that could eventually replace bifocals. Now there’s one thing you need to know about the interview.   Blum is one of those people that…