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Asia evolving to become both a major med-tech consumer and player

Ask anyone in the med-tech field, or any other manufacturing field for that matter, where  the largest majority of emerging markets for their businesses reside and chances are they will say somewhere in Asia, with China being the first country…


The far East is becoming the wild West for med-tech

In October of last year, Medtronic made headlines when it reported that it was going to acquire Changzhou holdings, a China-based company that is a provider of orthopedic devices, for $816 million. Now the acquisition, in my opinion was perhaps…


Persistence is futile: EHR interoperability

Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike will recognize the expression “resistance is futile” as a favored saying among the drones of the Borg collective of Star Trek fame. Obviously I’m paraphrasing with the title of this essay, but let’s ask ourselves a…


Bull in a China shop: Jeff Shuren at CDRH

The Center for Devices and Radiological Health may historically be the most interesting of all FDA’s branches, but the goings-on at CDRH since 2009, the year Jeff Shuren took the helm, have been nothing short of eye-popping. When one looks…