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Trust in government: 23 more reasons for suspicions

The number 23 is an interesting number. It’s a prime number, and is the number of pairs of chromosomes in human DNA, but it may also become a number FDA won’t soon forget. FDA recently issued a warning letter to…


Telomerase; miracle medicine or just more cost?

As is the case with many other areas of the modern world, medical science has made enormous strides over the past century or so, and it seems as though the pace of change is accelerating. It’s like being with Edwin…


The Supreme Court speaks: Is the Myriad story over?

The Supreme Court finally published its decision in the case of Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, a case that seemed to hover over the landscape of life science patents for an eternity. We might be tempted to think…


Oops! … Roche did it again

It’s doubtful that Britney Spears’ 12-year-old hit single, Oops! . . . I did it again, entered into Roche’s mind when the firm disclosed a hostile takeover bid to acquire Illumina late last month for $44.50 a share in cash,…