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Gigantic jury award in first J&J hip implant case is breathtaking as an initial benchmark

Chilling. It isn’t often that a bit of news is a perfect fit to that one-word description, but the recent decision by a Los Angeles jury in the first case to be decided pitting Johnson & Johnson (J&J; New Brunswick,…


A whole new world

Five years ago this month my byline began appearing on the pages of Medical Device Daily. When I first joined the MDD staff in October 2006 I knew very little about this industry. It was like moving to a new…


Picking your poison: Wall Street or Venture Capital?

Life is full of choices, not all of them pleasant. For device makers of late, this definitely holds true. Firms in the venture capital end of things are not necessarily worried that VC has utterly abandoned med-tech, but it would…


MDD’s Top 10 deals (so far) of ’11

Now that the first half of 2011 is already in our rearview mirror, Medical Device Daily has compiled a Top 10 list of the biggest deals so far this year. Admittedly, the list was inspired by the excitement of last…


J&J exits DES market

A few weeks ago, I made the mistake of going into the gym around 6 p.m. That’s the time when all the body builders and athletes tend to circulate in the area. I also made the mistake of getting on…


Walking the med-tech Red Carpet

A story about DSM Biomedical (Berkeley, California) that appeared in Thursday’s issue of Medical Device Daily drew a comparison between companies like DSM and the film industry’s production crew that works behind the scenes adding invaluable elements to help make…