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Corporate greed vs. the American Dream

In 2004 my hometown lost its largest employer to corporate greed. I was a young reporter for the local newspaper, The Register-Mail, when Maytag closed its doors in 2004, forcing roughly 1,600 workers in Galesburg, Illinois and surrounding towns out…


Stryker S&N acquisition rumors bolster recent orthopedic space consolidation

While orthopedic implant maker Stryker (Kalamazoo, Michigan) said today that ┬áit did not intend to make an offer for Smith & Nephew (S&N; London) after a report in the Financial Times forced its hand, it seems likely that such a…


Enough stinky greens, med-tech wants dessert!

Change is what the American public was promised (or some might say threatened with) during the 2008 presidential election and for better or worse, the healthcare industry worldwide has been served an extra large helping of that change over the…