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Proton beams and the media

As a member of the media, I’m not exactly unaware of the pitfalls of my profession but it might be time to take a look at some of the coverage of proton beam therapy in recent months. Frankly, most of…


Canada knows innovation

Hockey isn’t the only thing our northern neighbors do well. Canada – Ontario in particular – knows innovation. While the U.S. has struggled in recent years to find ways to maintain its leadership position in medical innovation – Ontario has…


A regulatory landmine: FDA and social media

Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows I’m leery of big government, and I usually criticize government (most often FDA) for what it does rather than what it fails to do. It appears to be time to…


When FDA and industry clash: media’s prejudices

First, just to let you know dear reader, this is a Casey Anthony-free blog posting. Those who are skeptical of the device industry in this world are legion, but there are a lot of reasons to cast the occasional baleful…