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Will innovation pay the price for med-tech biggering?

The urge to go on biggering and biggering and biggering has taken over the med-tech world. Barely a year after Zimmer and Biomet completed a $14 billion merger to become the second largest orthopedic device maker, the company now plans…


Heresy or common sense? Patients, statistics and medical devices

There’s no shortage of important developments in the world of medical devices, but today, let’s discuss this matter of dogmatic adherence to biostatistics. We’ve all heard about the FDA advisory committee that recently recommended the agency approve a neurostimulation device…


A refreshing take on the state of the med-tech industry

Here at Medical Device Daily we’ve become accustomed to the doom-and-gloom stories about our industry. The medical device tax provision in the Affordable Care Act and other emerging realities of healthcare reform along with worldwide economic sluggishness, regulatory and reimbursement challenges, consolidation…


O Canada Eh!

As most of the U.S. population prepares for the rapidly-approaching Thanksgiving holiday, I will be visiting our neighbor to the north, feasting my eyes on all that Ontario has to offer in the way of advanced medical devices. Medical Device…


The Hit and the Pendulum; FDA, politics and medical devices

Long-time observers of FDA’s regulation of therapeutic medical devices will note an oscillation over time, and we are now in a period in which the pendulum has reached as far as it can in one direction and is now headed…