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AdvaMed meeting provides exciting look at medical technology sector

The Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed; Washington), the largest medical technology lobby group in the U.S., held its annual meeting last week in Washington DC. The meeting offered an excellent snapshot of all the exciting developments occurring in this critical…


Asia evolving to become both a major med-tech consumer and player

Ask anyone in the med-tech field, or any other manufacturing field for that matter, where  the largest majority of emerging markets for their businesses reside and chances are they will say somewhere in Asia, with China being the first country…


Med-tech innovation is dead, long live med-tech innovation

We have been hearing a lot about the death of innovation in the field of medical technology for the past few years, a victim; it would appear, of a sluggish worldwide economy and more stringent regulation and reimbursement policies. However,…


Simplicity beats bells and whistles

I have been reporting medical technology news for close to six years and one thing that has consistently amazed me during that time has been the fact that simplicity often beats bells and whistles. The most recent example of this is…


Awarding an Oscar for best performance in raising awareness of prosthetic technologies

Oscar Pistorius didn’t win a medal in the just-concluded Olympic Games. Not a gold, not a silver, not a bronze. In fact, he finished last in his semifinal heat of the 400-meter run (I think they call it the 400-meter…