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The last days of 2012: Patent cases and empty seats

There are only 70 or so days left in 2012, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of critical activity still in play. Here are a couple of things to keep track of. November 6: Who will choose the…


Myriad at CAFC: Three points to remember

The July 20 hearing at the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit addressing the Myriad case did not last a terribly long time, but there were a few object lessons to take away. We last visited this situation shortly…


Myriad, Prometheus and life science patents: The End of Days?

The Supreme Court decision in Mayo v. Prometheus and the Court’s remand of Myriad have provoked a lot of angst on the part of those in the life sciences. Still, the degree to which these cases might prove cataclysmic is…


What will the Supreme Court do with Prometheus v. Mayo?

Prometheus v. Mayo has had its day at the Supreme Court, but the Court has yet to render a verdict. This leaves everyone with a couple of months on their hands to speculate as to what the outcome might be….


Patent reform: All aboard, the train has left the station

The U.S. House of Representatives is expecting a vote this week on its patent reform bill, but unlike passage of the Senate bill, the House bill has to deal with a potentially crippling conflict. This conflict was set up by…