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The hunt for a green October

A cynic’s guide to the galaxy might suggest everyone in healthcare is in it strictly for the money, but it’s tough to tell. After all, what can you do without the stuff? Even FDA and NIH are constantly clamoring for…


Congress and the doc fix: Is 2013 the year?

A clumsy attempt to address the Medicare Part B physician fee problem has nagged at Washington for a decade, but it appears Congress is ready to put a doc fix in play. Whether it’ll happen depends on politics and, as…


Device taxes, fiscal cliffs, and the Petraeus-Benghazi imbroglio

New York may be the town that never sleeps, but Washington is the town that never fails to amaze. We currently have a sex scandal seeming to rival the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky detonation, but the current scandal has more in…


Doc fix awaiting another patch

Now that the U.S. House of Representatives has voted down a higher debt ceiling for the U.S. government, Congress can go back the drawing board on deciding how many Medicare spending cuts the voters and stakeholders can stomach, but as…