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Sundays with Peyton now not a pain in the neck

It is fall here in the U.S. and, for many Americans, that time of year brings cooler weather and football. Apologies to our non-U.S. readers, I realize that you have ownership on “real” football, and our version is secular at…


Cutting the fat, without actually cutting

America is the fattest country in the world. The obesity epidemic is one of the largest problems facing the healthcare system, both from a clinical and an economic perspective. Pardon the pun. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports…


On This Date in History

On This Date: The birth of Emil Theodor Kocher, MD, Swiss surgical pioneer With the pace of change in the modern world and the emphasis on what’s just around the corner, it can be edifying to take a moment to…


Green-eyed with med-tech envy

I’m not proud to admit this, but once in a while I do get bit by the green-eyed monster – only when it comes to medical innovation though. Hey, nobody’s perfect – right? About eight years ago I had major…