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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Today's Headlines

Medovex seeks neuromodulation solution for treating patients with facet joint syndrome

ATLANTA – Medovex Corp. has developed a device to help treat pain associated with facet joint syndrome. The Atlanta-based company's Denervex technology competes against intra-articular injections and radiofrequency ablation procedures that treat pain. Medovex received CE mark for the technology in June.

To absorb, or not to absorb; Abbott picks the latter

Abbott Laboratories Inc. said it will stop selling its Absorb bioresorbable vascular scaffold (BVS), citing low commercial sales as the reason for the decision. The Abbott Park, Ill.-based company first received FDA approval for Absorb in July of last year. (See BioWorld MedTech, July 6, 2016.) But a series of setbacks and safety concerns significantly hindered adoption of the technology.

Genetics of depression yielding secrets, but diagnostic use a ways off

Looking at the prevalence data on depression is enough to set off depression in itself. According to the Clarivate Analytics Incidence & Prevalence Database (IPD), the global prevalence of depression is a bit under 5 percent. Because depression is not a permanent condition, however, a person's lifetime risk of an episode of major depression is 15 percent. The adolescent depression rate is even higher. Antidepressants are one effective way to treat depression. But they are not effective for everyone.

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