Faster results from diagnostics could reduce anxiety

July 26, 2013 – 4:27 PM | By Omar Ford | No comments yet

watchHow many of us have ever gone into the doctor to undergo some tests and then have to wait several days to get the results?

Is it just me or can the wait be a bit maddening? I mean in all that time, the thoughts that can run through your head are overwhelming right? In a society where things are increasingly speeding up, it’s incredible that there isn’t a stronger push for making patients aware of their test results much earlier.

One med-tech company is focused on developing tests that could garner rapid results for patients, and quite possibly eliminate the anxiety these patients could have.

MBio Diagnostics (Boulder, Colorado) said that one application that it is working on is a low-cost point-of-care HIV antigen/antibody combination diagnostic device.

One thing that sets MBio apart from other companies making point-of-care diagnostic tests is that it can do protein detection assays and cellular analysis, and potentially combine some tests into a single device.

It would also allow clinics across to world to run these tests without having to send out a blood sample to a centralized lab and track down the patient later.

Answering these questions rather quickly for any disease state is key as we move into this new era of healthcare. Although there are some things that are already in place, I think that there aren’t enough of these diagnostic tests available to the public at large and unfortunately the anxiety in waiting for the results still exists.


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