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Myriad at CAFC: Three points to remember

The July 20 hearing at the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit addressing the Myriad case did not last a terribly long time, but there were a few object lessons to take away. We last visited this situation shortly…


Myriad, Prometheus and life science patents: The End of Days?

The Supreme Court decision in Mayo v. Prometheus and the Court’s remand of Myriad have provoked a lot of angst on the part of those in the life sciences. Still, the degree to which these cases might prove cataclysmic is…


Patent reform: All aboard, the train has left the station

The U.S. House of Representatives is expecting a vote this week on its patent reform bill, but unlike passage of the Senate bill, the House bill has to deal with a potentially crippling conflict. This conflict was set up by…