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Rough start to 2016: J&J lays off 3,000

Johnson & Johnson’s year did not get off to a great start. Not that last year was any better. I mean the company report lagging sales in its medical device’s market. But the start of 2016, led off with the…


Throwback Thursday: MDD revisits 2005/2006 Guidant drama

This week in med-tech history:  Nine years ago this week the biggest news in Medical Device Daily was Guidant’s recall of nearly 50,000 implantable defibrillators, coupled with the company’s failure to alert customers of the danger of one of the…


Picking your poison: Wall Street or Venture Capital?

Life is full of choices, not all of them pleasant. For device makers of late, this definitely holds true. Firms in the venture capital end of things are not necessarily worried that VC has utterly abandoned med-tech, but it would…